HIGH SCHOOL FASHIONISTA: Half Hollow Hills High School East, New York

CollegeFashionista is extending its horizons to high schools across America, and Half Hollow Hills High School East could not be more excited to be a part of this. High school is a time in any person’s life where they discover who they want to be. Friends are made, interests are explored and passions are pursued. And what better way to channel this newly-found self-expression than through fashion?

Up until the ninth grade, I attended a small private school. When I took my first steps in High School East I noticed that fashion was a fervent passion for the students of this school. It became clear early on that students fed off of each other’s creative energies and unique styles. Because High School East has such a large student population, there is so much inspiration that flows through the hallways and so much opportunity for self-expression.

Five Half Hollow Hills East students were asked about their personal styles.

“My style is a mixture of many different things; I don’t stick to one specific look. I am inspired by the '90s, grunge, high-end designers and street style.”

-Lucas Giordano, 16, 11th grade.

“My style is inspired by thrift stores, music and the beach. I love mixing different elements to my style to create something that is totally unique.”

-Natalie Haebich, 16, 11th grade

“My style is Audrey Hepburn meets Joan Jett. No outfit is complete to me without red lipstick and Ray Bans, not to mention a little confidence.”

-Kristen Clementi, 16, 11th grade.

“Everyday my style changes, but in every outfit I wear, I show off my own personality. Fashion is so amazing because it allows you to create your own unique look.”

-Julia Gnieser, 16, 11th grade.

“My style is classic with an edge. I dress for myself and nobody else. My fashion inspirations are Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo, Leandra Medine and Anna Dello Russo.”

-Alexa McDonald, 16, 11th grade.

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