HIGH SCHOOL FASHIONISTA: Scarsdale High School, New York

Fashion is a top priority for many girls at Scarsdale High School. The fact that Scarsdale is located just 30 minutes from New York City—the fashion capital of the nation—is largely to blame. The unique ensembles showcased on popular street style blogs are just a train ride away for any SHS student seeking fashion inspiration. Girls take style cues from all parts of the Big Apple, from the edgy streets of SoHo to the posh Park Avenue and hip East Village. Scarsdale girls also adhere to the city's preference for dark colors, especially black. Unlike the NYC, however, comfort is essential to SHS students, who are usually overworked and low on sleep due to the school's academic rigor. Those who are serious about fashion can take the fashion design and illustration course, which is offered at introductory and advanced levels. But you don't have to go the art wing to find stylish students; at SHS, even science protégés and history buffs are always dressed to impress.

“My style is a description of how I'm feeling. Some days I want to wear a dress and other days I want to wear jeans and a T-shirt. For the most part I like darker colors and layering clothes in the fall and winter. I enjoy trying out different styles and stepping out of my comfort zone.”
Ana Hall, 17, 12th grade

“My style is preppy and cozy. I love knit sweaters, loafers and classic jeans. I often experiment with my outfits by mixing different textures like khaki, wool, corduroy, and leather. In the fall I gravitate towards earthy colors and anything with a plaid print.”
Lindsay LeBoyer, 17, 12th grade

“My style is androgynous, urban and modern-day vamp. I'm heavily inspired by drag queens, films, and street fashion. I aim to shock and channel the elegance of RuPaul daily with the versatility of my wardrobe. Shades of black, wine, olive and gold are prevalent in my closet but I also have an undying love for mature pastels and blinding neons. I create a look that sends the message of professionalism and high-glamour. I live and dress as a manifestation as my fantasies.”
Miwa Sakulrat, 17, 12th grade

“I would describe my style as grandpa-chic. I love comfortable clothes and big scarves. I try to layer my clothes and wear edgy accessories so my outfits are not completely casual.”
Yuri Tachibana, 17, 12th grade

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