TREND: A Simple Tee

So first off—sorry I broke my #1 rule; this post isn’t for the guys. I’m not sure how to say she looks good without sounding like a creep, so just work with me here–she’s a friend and even my roommate’s girlfriend haha. Now that we’ve gotten away from the awkwardness of me talking about a girl’s fashion; let’s talk about how this girl is rockin’ some Hoosier Pride!

Warm sunlight is shining on the tailgate fields with a nice breeze and Georgia is ready to tailgate and then cheer on the Hoosiers. First off, you can’t buy an IU dress like this anywhere on campus. She made the dress herself! The process is complicated (at least it was for me, when she explained it to me), but it looks great and it cost the same amount as a tshirt from the T.I.S. Bookstore. One word of advice: buy a big shirt, the shirt in the picture was converted from an XL into form fitting dress. She’s comfortable and has a unique way to show off her Hoosier Pride.

In regards to her shoes; it’s time for toes to catch some sunlight and breathe fresh air before nesting in the thick, heavy winter boots for a long time. Walking to class, shopping at malls or just going to work, a lady wearing a pair of gladiator sandals can effortlessly outshine the others. Nowadays, when it comes to shoes, ladies seek for not only fashion, but also comfort. Naturally, gladiator sandals become the right choice for them. This season a pair of gladiator sandals will be a perfect complement to a women’s wardrobe, and you can see it in this picture.

Go and cheer for your team, have a good time; just remember to be fashionable while doing it!

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