How to Dress to Impress

If you are a frequent reader on College Fashionista, you are probably a college student. As a college student there is one word you will hear more often than any other word. That word is internship. Internships are just the next step after being enrolled in college and is arguably, the most important step. So now that you have built and perfected your resume and have gotten that call back for an interview, how do you impress your interviewer?

Studies have shown it only takes seven seconds for an impression to already be made. In those seven seconds the first thing they will probably notice is your appearance and what you are wearing. Although breaking in the fashion industry is hard and creative jobs such as a graphic designer offer fewer restrictions, it is still important to be professional and wear something that looks thought out and planned. In the look I created, I decided to do a look that is more fun and colorful.

The pants I am wearing are appropriate because they have dress pant pockets. I chose to wear a patterned pair because they excite the look of the pants. Another great option is culottes.

A few other ways to add personality to your outfit is ruffles, bold colors or patterns. Remember to never wear anything too tight or too loose. Flowy blouses are always a classic piece to incorporate but a way to have fun with it is by choosing a button up blouse with a pattern. When finishing the outfit, it may be appropriate to throw on a blazer based on its length, fit and cut. Finally, I ended my look with shoes that are professional but provide comfort for a long day on your feet. Mules, loafers, flats and kitten heels are all great options.

Like I said, you have to not only dress to impress but also dress to prove you are organized and that you planned.

What are your favorite internship style options for a creative setting? Let us know in the comments below!


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