TREND: Individuality Is In

Amid the boundless North Face puffer jackets swarming Commonwealth Avenue, it was easy to spot this Fashionisto. His quirky yet pulled together style proved that bright trends are on the horizon for spring 2011.

From his black fedora hat to his lace-up boots, his outfit is truly unique. His tie-dyed scarf clashes with his patterned T-shirt intentionally, but he looks far from sloppy. He tones down the craziness of the patterns by mixing them with solids, like a navy blue peacoat and mustard colored jeans (note: the way he neatly rolled them up at the ankle to expose a bit of his red socks is daring and quite hip).

Accessorized with a thick belt buckle, fingerless gloves and a floral pin on his lapel, he is quite possibly the most well dressed Fashionisto to grace Boston University’s campus. He tops all of that off with an environmentally friendly bicycle in a bold hue, creating an ensemble that screams of individuality and oozes coolness.

To give this outfit a more feminine vibe, swap out the patterned t-shirt and fedora hat for a floral blouse and a funky headband. To give it more of an edge, exchange the pea coat for a chic biker jacket and the colored jeans for bright leather trousers. For a more polished look, throw on a classic blazer and a pair of oxford-inspired kitten heels.

Being bold and expressing yourself is always in style no matter the season. So take a note from this Fashionisto: clash your patterns and pile on accessories that speak to you.

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