TREND: Intern in Color

It’s summertime now and that means a period focused on internships for the many college students remaining in DC.  As many of us put our time and energy into these jobs and internships (often on The Hill or relating to politics in some way), we face the important challenge of staying stylish while also keeping work attire appropriate and professional.  Color can be a great way to energize your professional wardrobe.  When injecting bright colors into your internship attire, wear these loud pieces in traditional cuts and styles to balance them out for work appropriateness.

These fashionable interns add style to their intern attire with splash of fun colors in her skirts and cardigans.  Notice that they keep their sweaters  and clothes in traditional cuts so the outfit stays work friendly.  J.Crew is a great starting place to find colorful cardigans and jewelry to add a little pizazz to your work wardrobe.  A colorful cardigan or necklace paired with a high wasted dress or skirt makes style in the work place easy!

Guys can also add some splashes of color to their internship attire. Just keep outfits traditional in regards to the style and cut of oxfords and trousers, but add a little style by wearing pants or ties in bright colors. Brown belts will help bring balance to all of the color. Look here to see additional pointers from GQ to help guys keep it fashionable in the workplace.

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