Oddly enough, when I think of the Bubonic Plague, I think of three major things: Brits, black and fabulous old women running through abandoned streets draped in black shawls and maxis. Why imagine rats and decay when you can look to fashion inspiration?

With that somewhat strange intro out of the way, let’s segway right into editorial intern Kate’s outfit. Because it is the best of the bubonic plague: she’s British, she’s in all black and she looks like a fabulous angel of death.

Get inspired by Kate and the black plague and channel the dead. Bring life to a slouchy LBD by paying attention to the details (because we all know Fashionistas sustain themselves on accessories). Kate layered a silver dead tree branch, a Marc Jacobs skull and a good-vibes crystal (for good measure) around her neck. Take the “Ring around the Rosy / Pocket full of posey” line literally by tying a thin floral-print piece of fabric around your waist to give a shirt dress some shape. Add a pop of color with a comfortable pair of rainbow flatforms.

As much as I love the dead look, I don’t so much admire the walking-dead beauty look. Spray some Bumble and bumble. Surf Spray through your sun-kissed ombre locks and rub a little black kohl around your eyes and you should be good to go.

It’s okay to bring an air of death to your intern outfits, just don’t conduct any office séances.


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