INTERNSHIP FASHIONISTA: Bring Nautical To The Cubicle

When you wake up and the sun is shining outside your bedroom window, it can be the hardest thing in the world to get up and put on boring work clothes.  When I ran into this Fashionista she was on her way home from work on July 3rd.  Judging by her brisk stride, I am assuming she was just as excited about the 4th of July festivities in the city as I was.

However while I hadn’t fully embraced the holiday’s colors, this Fashionista was sporting a nautical look from head to toe!  Her eyelet top, which is perfect for any summer occasion whether it be a day at the office or a night watching fireworks, was paired with a navy cotton skirt, tied together with a cute blue and white striped belt.

Like any smart internship Fashionista, she of course brought her jean jacket along with her to the office, where there is always a chance the air conditioner could be on full blast!

One thing I have noticed as an intern in Chicago is that many offices are taking on more relaxed dress policies.  By no means are any of my internship friends wearing T-shirts and sweatpants to work, but they do seem to be sporting more laid back – and if you ask me, more fun – outfits when headed into the office.

While it is often a wise idea to overdress on your first day of any internship, most employers will give you a low-down of how you are expected to look when coming into work! 

For instance, the dress policy in my office is probably much like this Fashionista’s.  When I came into my first day of work I was reassured that I was by no means expected to show up in full business professional attire and but rather to keep it business casual and fashion forward.  This means that while torn jeans or shorts may not be the best idea, open-toed shoes and fun dresses  and jumpers are totally acceptable.

Of course, every place office has different policies and you can never expect two to be the same, however once you get a chance to feel out the atmosphere you will have a chance to form your own specific work style based much like this seasoned Fashionista!

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