It’s that time of the year when college students around the country are headed off to the big cities for their dream internship! I myself am headed to Chicago for a summer internship this coming weekend and I am beyond excited. But no matter the location, summer internships are just plain exciting and when you are a Fashionista, one of the most exciting parts is planning your outfit each day!

When I ran into these Internship Fashionistas they were finishing up lunch with their boss — in their case, another great perk of an internship.  Before leaving for work that morning these two Fashionistas must have had the same ensemble in mind. Their choice of a simple sundress is perfect for any Internship Fashionista and of course when working in an office, some sort of cardigan or jacket is always a great choice. 

Working at a small investment firm like these two Fashionistas could lead any average intern to resort to the typical wardrobe choice of slacks and a blouse. But while having an internship is serious business, you outfit doesn’t have to be.  These Fashionistas both added pops of color to their wardrobe through their sundresses. One Fashionista added embellishment through her animal-print cardigan and the other accessorized with bright nails and turquoise jewelry.

These Fashionistas are perfect proof that being serious about your internship doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be bland and somber.  After all, summer calls for color and that doesn’t stop when you walk into the office!

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