Internship season is well underway in New York City, and what better place to show off your sleek and chic work wardrobe than outside the Condé Nast building at 4 Times Square? Among other established magazines, Condé Nast publishes Vogue—the absolute fashion authority and forerunner of all trends. When dressing for an internship at a high style fashion mag, there is no standard office dress code to abide by. Your goal is not to blend in, but to stand out. Forget that generic business casual outfit and incorporate some playfulness and color into your office wardrobe. Fashion is all about breaking boundaries, and at a place that holds the highest artistic and professional standards for fashion, one must always look put together, chic, and well, vogue.

I caught this Vogue fashion intern, a rising senior at SMU, exiting the Condé Nast building after a long day working for two fashion assistants. The best thing for an intern to do is to take fashion advice from other Vogue staffers, and this Fashionista definitely dresses to impress the higher-ups with her stylish take on a classic work ensemble. Her hair is out of her face and put together, and her natural makeup is both mature and professional.

For her top, she wears a must-have basic for the office: a classic silk blouse (this one’s vintage Armani), and opts for a creamy, off-white color instead of the standard white collared shirt. The slim sleeves and tailored small cuffs give this top a clean-cut, fitted look, and the round-neck collar adds a touch of femininity. This blouse is classic, chic, and versatile—you can wear it over long slim pants at the office or with skinny jeans and heels for a night on the town. This intern smartly pairs her blouse with a high-waisted slim pencil skirt, made by French fashion designer agnès b, for a simple and sophisticated look. The stylish black and white print on the skirt updates a basic go-to work look.

As any seasoned Vogue reader would know, accessories are essential for any outfit and can change the entire mood of your look. This Fashionista’s bead necklace adds a unique twist and the color makes a bold statement for the daytime. An on-trend statement piece like this necklace allows you to infuse a bit of personality into your outfit, and as this Fashionista did, keep it minimal—a necklace or a flashy ring at most. Less is more. And speaking of accessorizing, when it comes to shoes, choose heels over flats. While they may not be as comfortable, nothing says professional and put-together like a high heel. These black satin sandals have an eye-catching design that adds length to her look. Remember ladies: pain is beauty.

The cardinal rule of what to wear to work is to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Follow this Fashionista’s lead and look neat, professional, and of course, fashionable. When surrounded by people who live and breathe fashion, it’s important to have your own signature style to stand out. After all, what better way to gain respect than receiving a compliment on your outfit from one of Vogue’s editors?

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