This week's internship Fashionista borrows from both ends of the spectrum by pairing down-to-earth denim with metallic mod-inspired pumps. Creative intern Jamie pairs a form-fitting striped skirt with an easygoing denim tunic to meet in the middle between elegant and effortless. With the tunic's flattering cinch at the waist and streamline silhouette of the skirt, Jamie's combination is not only corporate chic but also fit for comfort.

This week's Fashionista pairs blue on blue to create a cool-colored platte without making her look monotonous. Subtle silver details in her mod-inspired pumps not only complement the cold color scheme, but also dress up a denim-dominant look.

To make the mix of mod and mellow work like this Fashionista, try pairing a denim-on-denim look with pop-of-color pumps, or a relaxed pullover layered over a form-fitting skirt or dress.

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