I think it's pretty easy for trend-setters to get nutty for the nautical look every summer. It just seems so appropriate, what with the weather being fine and us city folk going to the beach every other weekend to enjoy the cool ocean breeze and some fun in the sun. The great thing about this trend is that it's pretty versatile, believe it or not. It can range from simple anchor-themed accessories and mixed metals to boat shoes and khaki shorts.

I tend to stay away from the preppier looks – it's just not my style. I prefer to go with deep shades of blue, stripes and a red pair of shorts. If you put anything navy blue together with bright red, you've pretty much just created a nautical outfit. This Fashionista chose an insanely cute blue dress covered in little white anchors. She accessorized with espadrilles, wayfarers and a simple leather bag.  The look is adorable and it's the only thing she needs to look ready for a good old sailing trip… I mean a day at the office.

When you're interning, you don't want your outfit to scream 'look at me!' Rather, you want it to say 'I'm fabulous and we all know it.' Or something like that. It's pretty easy to get carried away when you're trying to impress your bosses. You want them to know you're fashionable and that it comes to you pretty effortlessly. However, the trick is to tone it down and your true fashion sense will seamlessly come through. It's easier to create your own personalized style in a simple way and then add on accent pieces. For example, a pair of bright red shorts, a striped navy blue and white tank and a gold anchor necklace. Maybe add some bracelets and rings, sunglasses and a pair of white keds. The look itself is clean but it's super chic and there's nothing more fashionable than that.



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