When you work in the fashion industry, wearing a skirt suit just doesn't cut it. And while this makes me think there may in fact be some sort of God, it also puts tremendous pressure on interns and long-time professionals alike. In this industry, it's stand out or go home. 

This mindset may give some a serious case of the blues, but this Nylon beauty intern doesn't take it emotionally — she takes it physically. Her bright sea-blue hair and various tattoos help her stand out from the crowd and serve as conversation starters. “You want to look put together, but when you're working in the beauty department the first thing you learn is not to look like you're trying too hard. So, clean, easy makeup is the way to go,” she says. Since this Fashionista dyes her hair with Manic Panic Amplified every three weeks and sprays a little dry shampoo in her hair before running to the office, she doesn't have to try hard. Beauty is natural, after all.

Confused about what to wear? “Dress a little more funkadelic.” she says. It's important to “dress to impress” (I apologize for using that awful phrase) while at the same time not going overboard. Throw on a cute plain dress, but have one stand-out item. If you're not as fortunate as this Fashionista to have an awesome hand-me-down painted denim jacket, make your own — what better way to impress your boss than showing off your own designing skills? Keep comfortable shoes on hand, just in case you have to run the occasional errand and wear a large tote to carry your laptop in.

And the most important thing for an intern to have is a good attitude. Don't let the office blues get you down — use them to climb your way up the ranks.

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