As an intern in a position that can sometimes require heavy lifting, I am the first to admit that while fun little skirts seem like the perfect idea to spice up any work outfit, they aren’t always the most practical while on the job! This is where the trusty maxi skirt comes in handy!

I have heard a surprisingly large number of college girls express to me their uncertainties about the maxi and to each of them I reply, “shame on you, the maxi skirt is the answer to all your fashion problems.”  Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but the simplicity and comfort of a maxi-skirt or dress can often be of convenience when on the job.

This Fashionista for example, spends weekdays trekking between her job and classes at Columbia University which not only requires a pair of comfortable shoes, but an ensemble that will keep her cool and content.  As apparent in the ease in this Fashionista’s stance, the maxi is perfect for any internship Fashionista looking to achieve an ensemble appropriate for a work environment where no assignment is out of question.

Whether you are lifting heavy boxes, working an event or running errands for your boss, a maxi skirt or dress is guaranteed to keep you comfortable! And while some Fashionstas may hesitate in accepting the full length style, a maxi can flatter all body types when tailored and styled correctly.

Pair your favorite maxi skirt with a chambray shirt or your favorite tank – cardigan duo.  Maxis come in all sorts of lengths and vary in styles with asymmetrical hemlines to pleats and bold prints!

Let's face it, maxis are ideal for almost any occasion (except perhaps biking) and while some are still turning their noses up at the idea of the flowing goodness, I have noticed several internship Fashionistas fully embracing the trend as while on the job, taking on any and every assignment with grace and ease!

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