While it may seem that every fashionable being is sporting bright colors these days, neutrals are by no means “so last season”. Neutrals such as taupe, black and white are colors we can always count on to be in Vogue

Neutrals tend to get overlooked by Fashionistas aiming for a bold look.  But some of the season’s hottest trends include neutrals. For summer we have seen bold and even neon colors paired with neutrals and the forecast for fall fashion seems to be full of tan and taupe paired with deep jewel toned colors to fit the brisk season.

Neutrals are perfect for the workplace, especially if you work or often find yourself in establishments that are more professional. While the word “neutrals” may seem dull when rolling off the tongue, they are in fact the contrary when done right. 

Take note from these fashionable souls who I caught running a few errands around town post-work hours. Both the Fashionisto and the Fashionista are proof that neutrals are anything but boring. He added a summer twist to his khakis with a roll at the bottom and she did the same by sporting a fun print in a classic color pairing of black and tan.

While bright and bold may be your specialty outside the office, this fashionable duo prove that, when done right, neutrals can make just as eye-catching a statement without blinding your co-workers via your ensemble.

Whether you spend your time in the mailroom or out running errands for your boss, neutral ensembles like the ones these two are sporting are the perfect way to fashionably show your professional side.

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