Yesterday was the first day of my first real world summer internship in Chicago.  Like most Fashionistas on their first day of anything important, I had my outfit planned out for weeks (literally). Because it is true – first impressions are lasting impressions!

Now I assume different Fashionistas have varying strategies for picking out the outfit that will aid them in making that impression on the employers, peers and clients they will be working with. Some Fashionistas keep it simple and sophisticated in subdued colors with classic tailoring for an overall sophisticated look. Some Fashionistas might go for a feminine-feel in vintage style dresses and tea-length skirts while others choose menswear-inspired looks for a more business professional environment.

When I ran into this Fashionista who had just finished a long day at work in a menswear boutique uptown, I instantly knew she was a girl after my own heart.  Other than the fact that we ironically share the same first name, I noticed that our wardrobe choices were nearly identical.  Both of us chose classically tailored outfits, with her in a feminine dress and I in a city fit skimmer pant.  We also had the same idea in mind when it came to contrasting those classic cuts with a bold print. She was in a bright turquoise polka-dot priny and I was in a multi-colored paisley pattern.  And just when I thought we couldn't be more alike I laid eyes on her pop-of-color shoes – the perfect way to finish off any outfit if you ask me (I myself chose yellow platform sandals)!

No matter how you choose to make your first impression, be sure that your outfit reflects your personality! Whether you choose to show off your fun personality with a polka-dot print or aim to draw attention to your sophistication in a paisley pant, staying true to your own personal style is the perfect way to make the best impression on your first day!

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