We have all seen evidence in the saying “opposites attract” whether it was through the unpredictable relationship between the drop out and the valedictorian of your high school graduating class or the unexpected blend of goodness that is potato chips on your PB&J.

Lately in fashion, we have seen several ways in which opposites attract. The runways are filled with tons of opposing trends, from color blocking to print mixing.  Not to mention the fact that famous Fashionistas like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow have been seen rocking the menswear trend almost better  way better than the majority of the male gender!

While pairing opposites in fashion isn’t always a “do”, this Fashionsita – who spends her summer days interning in the Free People showroom in Chicago – is the perfect example of how to successfully pull off the look.  She started with the simple option of a dress with amazing details from the embroidery to the tea-length hemline.  The Free People dress exudes the feminine elegance that the brand is known for and would have been beautiful standing alone.  However, as if in order to show her true place in the fashion world, this Fashionista actually styled her look by adding her rustic combat boots.

Creating a contrasting look can be as simple as adding a bow tie to a button-up/skirt combo or as fun as complimenting a revealing tube top with a conservative high-waist pant!  Every one of us knows that being a Fashionista requires pushing the limits and there is no doubt this trend fits the bill!

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