Sometimes when the sun is shining outside your window and you would rather throw on your new swimsuit and head to the beach instead of going to the office, you need a little incentive to actually get yourself out the door on time. This, my Fashionista/o friends, is where a fabulous outfit comes in handy and fabulous outfits happen to be our niche over here at CollegeFashionista!

This summer we have covered several trends – from the maxi skirt to colored denim – perfect for an office environment. However when you are lacking the will to even get out of bed on a Wednesday morning, it is hard to find any sort of outfit inspiration. Only the most devoted of Fashionistas/os manage to walk out the door in style no matter the circumstances.

When I first saw this internship Fashionista I wondered if she had been coveting the Parisian vibe when she got dressed that morning.  The style of far-away places like London, Paris and even California are in fact great sources of inspiration when you find yourself staring blankly into your closet.  While this Fashionista may not have intended to take on the look, she perfectly played the part of a chic Parisian in her flowing pleated skirt, nautical striped tank and leather sandals. Her cat-eye sunglasses and black and white leather bag only added to her look as she walked down the streets of Paris Chicago.

Never been to Paris or any inspiration-worthy land for that matter? Don’t fret. In the age of Pinterest, sartorial inspiration is literally a click away and you don’t have to go to Paris Fashion Week to achieve this Fashionista’s look. Simply choose a trend and run with it.  This Fashionista chose to rock stripes and by pairing her red and white tank with a simple skirt and classic sandals she was able to pull off a look that has us all swooning. Très Chic, I'd say!

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