I have this painting in my house of this 1920s socialite elegantly draped in silk and chiffon, lounging on a Freud-esque animal print couch smoking a long cigarette. For as long as I can remember, I always looked up to the turban-sporting diva (literally, the painting’s perched high above my head) for her cool elegance and demeanor, despite the presence of two roaring tigers at her feet. I wanted to be her, or rather some form of her.

In recent reflection, I came to a quick conclusion that I would not want to be anything like her. It sounds fabulous to laze the day away, yes, but despite the presence of tigers, I could imagine not much else would go on during the day while confined a pony hair couch. Lana Del Rey’s just about the only woman who could withstand that (or at least did for the few hours she filmed her music video). However, I am not one to completely abandon my childish daydreams, so I vowed to become this mysterious woman in some other capacity (if you’re wondering what, you’re probably on the wrong website, but I will clarify, fashion, obviously).

I thought the only true way to become Mrs. Turbucks (as we shall call her from now on) was to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and don a bright orange chiffon floor-length gown while watching TV and snuggling with my husband until I met intern Abby Gilman. She gave me hope of achieving my lifelong goal in present time (because I’m not one of those crazy girls that marries super young just to play house).

She may not be wearing head-to-toe silk, but she is what I imagine a young Miss Turbucks would look like if she lived in current-day SoHo (which is where she would, by the way). Abby interns for a fashion magazine, so she always has to look composed and stylish enough to make an impression. Ironically enough, to achieve a perfect balance between the two, you must be a little disheveled; ‘tis the mysterious presence of entropy, my friends. She paired a long-sleeved jersey shirt with sheer panels along the shoulders and back with a pair of classic Levi’s cut-offs. She dressed up the outfit with a sparkly statement necklace, leopard tote bag and black wedges that look exactly like the Alexander Wang belt bag. And in case you didn’t know, fashion editors have countlessly admitted that accessories are much more important than the outfit itself, so when shopping for an intern’s wardrobe, invest in shoes and bags.

Sheer, jewels and leopard with some S&M shoes thrown in, yes I think Mrs. Turbucks would be proud. And so will your internship coordinator.

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