For me, this Fashionsta’s look perfectly represents the phrase “internship Fashionista”. Over the summer we have discusses several ways to turn some of your favorite everyday pieces into work-appropriate ensembles. We touched on how to style your maxi skirt for the office and even discussed how to properly pull of colored denim while on the job. Those were all examples of ways you can utilize your current wardrobe when headed into the office, which is great for college students on a budget!

However as we get closer to becoming full time participants within the work force – scary I know – we will find ourselves investing in pieces specifically for work. This Fashionsta’s outfit is the perfect example of a CollegeFashionista turned work Fashionista with a mixture of work appropriate pieces in fun prints and modern styles!

Let's start with her blouse. Take away the fun mustard color and the necklace-as-a-collar trend and it is just your average button-up, appropriate for heading into work on a hot summer day thanks to the sleeveless look.  However, while this Fashionista could have done what most do and bought the plain white version to pair with her slacks and a cardigan, she chose to go with the work appropriate version with a trendy twist. Her pants of course follow suit with a classic cut in a girly polka-dot print that turns these trousers from drab to fab!

This Fashionsta’s choice to finish off her outfit with a classic saddle shoe was the perfect way to add personality to her final look while still embracing the professional look. So, Fashionistas dreading your entrance into the workforce take note; while, our time as CollegeFashionistas may be coming to a close we will never sacrifice style!


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