TREND: Keep a Cool Shoulder

This summer I’ve found myself more inclined to play around with sizes and maybe buy some clothes a size or two larger than usual just so I can wear them slouchy and off the shoulder. Playing around with my old clothes, I was surprised to see how many of my dresses and tops work well in the off the shoulder style. Factoring this style into how I wear new and old clothing has brought a whole new level of versatility to my wardrobe!

Now take a look at this Fashionista I spotted on the sidewalk in Duppont Circle. She’s rockin’ an off the shoulder top in a gray-nude color. She picked this little number up at DC’s trendy consignment shop Secondi but you can also check here for other off the shoulder styles! This top is great not only because of its trendy color and off the shoulder cut but also because it is super comfy, a quality which becomes increasingly important on hot summer days.  To balance her outfit this Fashionista pairs her slouchy top with some super skinny leggings. She looks cool with her crossbody bag and dark sandals. For accessories on her wrist she’s styling a Chan Luu wrap bracelet. Excellent!

Oh and check out her Fashionisto friend with the metallic D&G Dolce and Gabbana kicks. His graphic tee (also by D&G) looks vibrant and stylish while staying comfy enough to handle the summer heat.

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