The Key to Dressing for Every Season All Year Round

We’ve all heard the fashion do’s and don’t’s for each season: don’t wear white jeans unless it’s summer, turtlenecks and boots are only for cold weather, dark or black jeans are exclusively for winter. While we have accepted these so-called rules as a society, rules were meant to be broken! I say that you can dress for any season, any day, as long as you have the confidence to make it work. I want to tackle these fashion misconceptions and show fellow Fashionistas how to rock any trend, whether it’s 20 degrees and snowy or 75 and sunny.

Let’s talk jeans. Jeans are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe all year round, but we’ve come to believe that dark washes are for the winter and lighter ones are for the summer. White denim before Memorial Day and after Labor Day is not a legitimate sin—in fact, it’s pretty cool. Rocking white jeans with a sweater on a chilly day like I did in the outfit below can look so cute. With the denim skirt trend on the rise, a white denim skirt can be paired with thigh-high boots to work for the winter. On the other hand, black and super dark wash jeans can look great with pretty, summery tops and sandals.Some of my favorite summer outfits incorporate dark denim in major ways, whether it’s my jeans or a cool jean jacket.

Ankle boots are also a staple regardless of the season. While they’re classically worn with jeans and sweaters, they can add a unique vibe to shorts and a T-shirt for a hot day in the city. Booties are also perfect with a flowy summer sundress to create just the right mix of girly and edgy in a look. A cool, printed ankle boot can be just the right accessory to spice up an outfit for a summer night out.

Turtlenecks became one of my favorite pieces this past winter, and I was disappointed to think I had to stop wearing them when the temperatures rose. Good thing I didn’t, because there are so many cute ways to incorporate turtlenecks into your summer wardrobe. A short sleeve turtleneck is a fun piece that can make any outfit look more trendy and sophisticated. Turtlenecks in light knits and cool colors can work beautifully with shorts or a summer skirt.

So there you have it: trends are not seasonally exclusive. Forget the common myths that surround certain clothing pieces and instead treat your closet as a free-for-all to wear anything, any day and anyway you want!

I’d love to see how you rock these pieces this summer! Be sure to tag @CFashionista in your photos.

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