Back home from Greece, and the lively color that Europe brings, I've found that I'm surrounded by tons of neutrals. I normally opt for loads and loads of color and florals in the summer, but I have to say, I find it increasingly refreshing to see summer appropriate neutrals. I loved this Fashionista's pairing of a neutral sweater with ultra high tan peep-toes. The copper necklace also gives her neutral look a funky touch, in order to keep it interesting.

Doing neutrals with some extra detail can be a way to stand apart of the traditional summer crowd. While everyone else bops around in flip-flops, strut confidently in cream espadrilles, or a tan ruffle dress. No need to overdo with traditional summer prints and obnoxious color when you could wear detailed, texturized neutrals. This look is always classic, simple, and clean. You'll never regret these purchases. Try high-waisted khaki shorts to a graduation party with flats to show off just how well college is treating you. I'm telling you Fashionistas, don't worry you'll look too much like your mom, khaki is back, and I promise you'll look hot for the summer!

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