I know one thing I tend to forget in the winter is to stay bright. This Fashionista remains colorful by wearing a royal blue peacoat, a fringed bag and, most interestingly, a lamé skirt. It is incredibly important to stay bright while the weather isn’t so great, because every Fashionista should want to stand out. Owning shiny, textured clothing is a fabulous way to stand out from everyone else during all the seasons.

Lamé skirts and pants aren’t difficult to find and are easy to pair with just about anything. If you want one similar to this Fashionista’s you should check this out. They’re great for an alternative look whether you want to wear them in a gold color or as pants. Pants make a more intense statement and can be paired with cute booties or flats to be formal or more casual. You shouldn’t limit yourself, however, because you could always go all out with a dress or even just leggings. Lastly, shoes could be the final, yet most intriguing touch to your outfit. You could go with a casual pair of metallic TOMS (for every shoe you buy and register, one goes to a child in need) or you could get a pair of heels to wear out.

Simple colors are always a good idea, but you shouldn’t forget about silver, gold and sparkles. Lamé is becoming more and more of a trend and you should definitely be one of the first to come aboard. Be as fashion forward as this Fashionista and go all out in the lamé pleather style.

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