1917 is a year to remember for all beauty-lovers. It was the year beauty guru, Maybel William, inspired her brother, T.L. Williams, to created the first ever commercialized mascara. He christened it Maybelline. Since then, Maybelline has taken over the mascara world, keeping lash lust in vogue for centuries thereafter.

Any of Maybelline’s amazing and affordable mascaras are the perfect way for a CollegeFashionista to coat her top and bottom lashes! Start by use Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara for your first two coats. Reapply your second coat once the first one has partially dried (this will give you extra length, but if you wait too long it can cause clumping). Then apply your third coat with a different mascara such as Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara. This one should have a hard brush to separate the lashes and the tube should be almost empty so as not to create mascara globs. And voila, your eyelashes are complete.

Today’s Fashionista employees just a touch of mascara to highlight her naturally spidery eyelashes. This long and wispy look is a perfect daytime take on the big, bold and black eyelash phenomenon. Through her artlessly beautiful lashes, she proves just how eye-opening and bang-friendly this beauty must-have really is. Looking for outrageous lash inspiration? Look to Twiggy for outlandishly outsize faux lashes, Anne Hathaway for crystal-studded Oscar-night falsies and the Supremes for a long lash, kohl eyed look.

Expert tip Cassie: Layering the different mascaras is one of the best tricks I know when it comes to accentuating your eyelashes. Never leave your house without brushing on some mascara, it is the simplest way to make your eye pop and give you a finished looked.

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