TREND: Layer It Up

One problem that every Fashionista comes across is the issue of not knowing what to wear. Whether it’s from a lack of inspiration or just from not knowing how to revamp your wardrobe, it is probably the most frustrating issue that Fashionistas are faced with.

When I saw this Fashionista, I was inspired to take a fresh look at my own wardrobe. What I liked most about her ensemble was that it was put together with basics that every Fashionista has. She took a simple white V-neck and layered it with a black cardigan and this season’s popular army jacket. The look is completed with a pair of skinny jeans and boots, giving her a chic laid-back vibe. Today's Fashionista shows that layering basics is a fresh way to wear simple pieces, without breaking the bank. Almost every Fashionista already has a pair of skinny jeans, boots, cardigan and jacket in their wardrobe that they can layer to a similar effortless feel. However, our Fashionista’s color choices make her stand out and give her look a fresh feel. The lightness of her V-neck and jeans complement the neutral jacket and boots, while showing the lighter side of fall fashion. This proves that it is not necessarily what pieces you have, but how you wear them, that make a fashionable ensemble. By playing with the colors of the basic pieces she layers, our Fashionista shows her fresh perspective on being effortlessly chic.

Hint: Wear light and neutral colors with black pieces, like today's Fashionista, for maximum contrast and a bold effect. Take advantage of these contrasting colors through a cute cardigan or an edgy skirt to pair with basics you already have.

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