TREND: Layering

Autumn is a fun time to experiment with fashion. There are so many options of clothing to choose from depending on the tumultuous climate. Layering is an essential part of dressing for fall and there are a few things to keep in mind before you begin.

First, it is important to start with a base layer. This Fashionista wears black floral lace leggings to add texture to the outfit. The leggings add a soft and feminine element to her look while conveying flirtation and dalliance. If you are looking for similar lace leggings, try these Romeo & Juliet Couture lace leggings.

Second, establish your next layer. You may choose to wear a lighter fabric or a thicker fabric depending on the weather. The second layer is the central layer in this process because it covers the body. Skirts or shorts can be paired with a fitted blouse or you can choose to model after this Fashionista and wear a fitted dress like this one here.

Next it’s time to think about accessories. She keeps it simple by wearing a thin belt around her waistline accentuating her gorgeous feminine physique. Another accessory that would match her leggings and offer warmth would be a black funnel scarf; however I like how she keeps her layered look simple by not wearing too many accessories that could potentially cover up her style.

Choosing the right outwear for the next layer is essential. Make sure you know the forecast ahead of time. On a temperate day, find a light layer like this Fashionistas drape front cardigan. These cardigans come in a variety of colors- start exploring your options with this Kensie cardigan.

Of course I cannot fail to mention those amazing boots! Boots are autumn’s fundamental footwear.

Hint: You can never have too many pairs of boots. Don’t be afraid to wear a boot with a few inches of added height. Try these metallic leather boots on for size.

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