Any student interning in Washington, D.C. (which seems to be everyone) knows that it is imperative to come to college prepared with semi-formal attire. These outfits must be both appropriate and stylish for any office environment. However, many people over look what to wear on the best day of the week – Casual Friday.

This Fashionisto was spotted on a lunch break right before the weekend. His bright and evidently ironed polo is a refreshing shade of teal and what’s more is he knew exactly what to style it with! Not to be confused with denim, these navy chinos are perfect for a comfortable, semi-formal outfit. Running errands and filing paperwork can be mundane intern tasks, but these Hugo Boss chinos will make the paid employees green with envy.

As a shoe fanatic, I have a tendency to look down when I first meet people. However, when it came to this Fashionisto, it was the first thing I noticed! Shoes like these light chestnut leather lace-ups are perfect for standing on your feet and staying on your toes. Come Friday, an intern may be tired, exhausted and worn out, but there’s no reason to look it.

In my opinion, it is the brown canvas side satchel that brings this outfit together. Every apprentice needs a bag ready for anything and this heavy-duty satchel is trendy, practical and dependable, much like any intern should be! Sunglasses are a must-have for hot summer commutes and these Ray-Ban Wayfarers are perfect.

For some, Friday is a day spent catching up on all the work people thought was done on Wednesday, but for others, it’s a day to photocopy memos in comfort or make new friends at the HR office. Regardless of the nature of work, style should never be substituted for a tacky outfit and this trendy intern would be a definite future employee in my book.

Hint: If a polo is too casual for your office environment, go for a casual but still bright button-down to look spiffy and successful.

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