LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY: I Dream of Jean-ie

If I were to assign a saying to this Fashionisto’s outfit, it would be “more than meets the eye” in more ways than one! From head to toe, his outfit has details that make it unique, things that I didn’t even notice when I asked to take his photo. So take a page out of this Fashionisto’s book and make your outfit your own with individual touches.

The first thing to focus in on is his shirt. A button-down is classic for any wardrobe, whether you are a Fashionisto or Fashionista, but this guy kicks his coral button-down up a notch if you look closely. In the fabric of his shirt are tiny specks of color which really adds something cool to the shirt. This interesting color addition to his button-down has an awesome ’90s feel, and would totally be something the cool kids would wear.

The next awesome part of this Fashionisto’s outfit are his denim shorts, or as many of us in the fashion world call them, jorts. After asking a little about his ensemble, he told me he had actually cut these shorts himself out of an old pair of dark wash jeans just a few days ago. Making your own jean shorts can be hard, and I know better than anyone that one wrong snip can ruin an entire pair! But this Fashionisto nailed it with just the right length and he chose a pair of jeans that were not too slim to begin with, so they wouldn’t be awkwardly tight as shorts. In addition, by cuffing them, it gives the shorts a finished look that screams Levi Brand Jeans, DIY!

This Fashionisto finishes off his casual summer outfit with the perfect unassuming accessories. His black sunglasses have a wayfarer feel and the simple color keeps it versatile and classic. Brown leather boat shoes are the perfect option for warm weather outfits when you still want to look put together, they’re a great alternative to flip flops and they look classy even with jorts. I admired his watch too, with its dark brown leather strap and neon hands, I thought this Nixon watch really stood out. It’s the little things that make all the difference!

Hint: The ’90s are making a comeback! Look for cool pieces that are a nod to our childhood years with mixed primary colors, or even graphic T-shirts with emblems from our favorite shows and brands. They’ll always be a great conversation starter!

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