LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: 50 Shades of Blue

Summer in Richmond is starting to sink in, just like our tans. And what’s a better way to cool off, and show off a good tan, than with turquoise and cool shades of blue? I found this Fashionisto in a local park near downtown Richmond, and his pairing of hues was head and shoulders above all the other park-goers.

My favorite part of his look is the turquoise shorts. It takes some confidence to pull off such a bright color, but this Fashionisto does it with ease in three easy steps:

One, he cuffed the shorts. This shows that he owns the shorts, the shorts don’t own him! By cuffing them, he adds a unique touch to his outfit which keeps it from looking like he tore them right off the mannequin. Adding details all your own is what creating personal style is all about.

Two, he wore a blue short sleeve button-down. This is a cool summer style that totally dresses up his look. A step up from a T-shirt but not as toasty as a long sleeve button-down, shirts like these provide some cool sophistication to any outfit. Also, the cuff on his sleeves echoes the cuff on his shorts without overdoing it. In addition, pairing the two shades of blue is bold but totally works in the warm summer months. This summer, it’s all about color.

Three, he completed his look with cool white Nikes. These canvas low-cut tennis shoes are the perfect finishing touch for this Fashionisto’s warm weather ensemble. White shoes scream summer, and this style can go with so many outfits, his footwear is what finishes the outfit with finesse. These Nikes are also a great option for summer, socks aren’t needed so they are practically as easy as flip flops.

By adding his own touches, this Fashionisto has put together a look all his own. What might seem intimidating to some, he pulls off with ease. Three seemingly simple pieces, when put together, create a perfect summer outfit.  Celebrate your summer with bright colors and white shoes.

Hint: Try putting together unexpected color combinations, like this Fashionisto. Color is huge this summer in mens fashion, so jump on the trend by injecting some color into your wardrobe through bright shorts, shirts, watches, even shoelaces! Embrace new ideas and freshen up your wardrobe, sometimes what may seem crazy might be just right.

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