LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Accessorize Your Summer

In case you didn’t know, Mother Nature seriously cannot make up her mind when it comes to Chicago weather. We have perfect July heat one day and have to dig out our winter coats the next. So although it might seem odd for this Fashionisto to be wearing a big flannel at this time of year, it’s both fashionable and completely functional for the circumstances. He’s following a practical trend that I truly support and will stand by forever: layering. This way he can take off and put on what he needs in order to maintain a temperature that’s comfortable for him—now that’s a smart Fashionisto!

Let’s talk about the jewelry here first—it’s fabulous. I notice a ring or two hanging from his necklace chain, which could easily stand for something or someone close to his heart. Wearing a ring on a glamorous string around your neck is a great little DIY sentimental jewelry piece. Or fake it like this Fashionisto and snag a piece that’s already made. Just FYI: Topman in general has some GREAT men’s jewelry.

As for his Elton John-esque shades, try looking around ASOS for a pair of round sunglasses. They have many options in a range of prices. Personally, my go-to for sunglasses is Target (I always seem to lose my glasses, so I opt for the less expensive pairs!)

While not a lot of stores carry a heavy collection of men’s gladiator-inspired sandals, I do really like the options that ALDO has to offer. DSW carries a black pair that wraps around the foot, similar to the perfect pair that this Fashionisto picked out.

Aside from all of his fab accessories, this Fashionisto completes his look with some black skinny jeans, a simple white tee and a flannel. I recommend snagging the tops at your local thrift shop because they’ll have a HUGE selection and most, if not all, of the items will be a bit broken in, giving you that sort of ‘rugged’ look that this Fashionisto has going on. As for the pants, many stores carry the basic black skinnies (but I personally adore this pair from Ralph Lauren!)

Hint: The round shape of the glasses really makes this Fashionisto stand out. It’s a daring trend but it looks really good on everyone (well, almost everyone.) You just have to try it! Guarantee: if you work the sunnies with a whole lot of confidence like this Fashionisto, it’ll look about one hundred times better than if you seemed self-conscious about wearing them. With a bit of an ego (in the best way,) you are guaranteed to look good—I promise.



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