Whenever I think of summer, I imagine hot sand beneath my towel as I lay on the beach, sunburnt skin, a rack of magazines by my side and lemon juice working its magic to lighten my already blonde hair. The sweet smell of lemons and citrus sodas are both light and refreshing for the perfect hot summer day. As it is a sort of gloomy day today here in Helsinki, I catch my next Fashionisto emanating my California state of mind.

Translated into summer menswear, zesty citrus colors have been making a huge appearance on and off the runway because not only are zesty hues gender-neutral, the vibrant color palette exerts an energetic and warm, vacation feel. This Fashionisto sported burnt orange shots, a blue and orange striped T-shirt, paired with a gingham button-down left open and neutrally shaded sneakers. This ensemble was accessorized with his bike helmet, earth tone bead bracelets and an oversized camel satchel.

Orange is one of those colors that is so bold, yet very versatile. One can pair orange with other bright contrasting colors or you can tone down the zest with muted hues of various shades of browns and tans.

Even a small zesty colored accessory can liven up an ensemble. Orange also exerts a feel of happiness and relaxation and this Fashionisto knew just how to provide a relaxed look that still utilizes both bold and muted tones. The look also provided an easygoing vibe through his less structured satchel paired with the mixture of patterns with the T-shirt and open button-down.

Hint: If you want to add some zest to your wardrobe, start small by adding a basic tee to liven your look paired with some neutral Levis.

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