LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Adventure Seeker

For some people, summer means lying down in a lounge chair poolside in May and never getting up until August. But for others, these three precious months of freedom calls for outdoor adventures, and for these activities, you have to look the part.

In terms of athletic gear, it is all about the labels. This sporty Fashionisto has all the bases covered with his name brand pieces. I spotted him on a bike trail in Cape Cod and he looked like he knew what he was doing on his bike and his wardrobe. There are many top brands in the athletic world, but one of the biggest is Nike. This Fashionisto does double duty with his shirt — he supports his college while displaying the trademark Nike swoosh. Shirts like these are great because they are extremely breathable which is necessary when working out in the summer heat.

His shorts are not only perfect for biking with their shorter length (so as not to get caught in the gears), but they also totally embody the summer neon trend. Brightly colored apparel is huge in both the high fashion and athletic world. There are so many things that come in neon hues now: tennis shoes, shorts, workout shirts, even socks! It’s all about motivating yourself with style to workout and get fit. Who doesn’t like looking good at the gym?

A good pair of running shoes can be your best friend, and once you find a brand that works for you, you’ll never want to change! Asics, like this Fashionisto wears, is a quality sneaker brand that an array of different styles and colors to fit any sort of Fashionisto/a’s gym personality.

Sunglasses are a summer necessity. Rather than displaying a more traditional look, this Fashionisto went with a sportier style. These Calcutta sunglasses feature a tortoiseshell frame with a polarlized reflective lens, perfect for a variety of summer activities like biking, boating and hiking. Sunglasses like these also come in a variety of styles, be careful to find a shape that looks best on your face, and you’ll be looking cool all summer long.

Hint: If you have great workout clothes, you’ll be more motivated to work out! You don’t have to sacrifice style to get fit, athletic clothing is a genre of fashion all its own, so hit up your local sporting goods store and pick out some great new summer workout pieces!

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