LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Almost a Denimhead

When talking about denim, you might just jump to thinking about bad laundry days or your mom shopping for you when you were a kid. But for those who would die for denim, there is a term to describe this passionate bunch: denimhead. For you it might be what you wore since you were a kid, but for these guys, it’s religious extremism. How do you spot these denimheads from 100 yards away? One strong indicator would be that he or she is wearing two pieces of denim. As much as I would want this pun to work, it’s unfortunate that this Fashionisto’s cap is not actually made of denim material. That makes him almost-a-denimhead (c’mon the cap could pass for denim). Spotted in a small trendy area of Wan Chai, this Fashionisto had one of the better looks of the summer: blue canvas on blue denim.

This Fashionisto’s denim shirt carries the right fit and design. With the sleeves rolled up, this Western shirt model is a classic that can be worn year round. Paired with the cargo shorts and denim cap, this western shirt is steered away from cowboy fanboy-dom and into casual cool. This personal touch not only displays individuality but also the passion that this Fashionisto has for denim pieces. It’s not the clothes that wear the almost-a-denimhead; it’s the almost-a-denimhead that wears the clothes. And it doesn’t stop there.

This casual cool look might be stylish but the matching of hues shows us more about this Fashionisto — namely, an attention to detail. This Fashionisto’s cap is matched very well with his denim shirt not only because it’s blue, but also for its matching colors. Blue on blue should never be too contrasting in hues unless they’re layered or if the top piece is darker. Besides the color matching, the choice of a cap, especially in the summer months goes a long way in setting you apart. Once again the details matter the most. Here we can see the choice of leather material for the cap adjuster, a small detail that can be easily missed, but a detail that speaks individuality nonetheless.

As much as some people may love denim, how does one actually set yourself apart from other people wearing the same trend? The answer lies on this Fashionisto’s double-wristed gang of well-worn accessories. Showing off your love of denim is always possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t finish it off with a strong set of other things that you love to wear!

Hint: Not a hat person? That’s okay! Switch out this Fashionisto’s choice of cargo shorts and switch it in with a navy chambray short and you’ll still get a wonderful almost-a-denimhead look!

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