It is apparent that the world’s most popular fashions come from Europe—most commonly from European men. I personally, believe that the world’s most diverse, versatile and ultimately coolest fashions originate from America. America, the fashionable!

I know what you’re thinking: “the 4th of July was so two weeks ago.” But it is clear that this Fashionisto is patriotic all year round. While walking through Old City, Philadelphia; I came across this happy-go-lucky Fashionisto. What surprised me and also makes me love this city even more was that this Philly Fashionisto took his time to visit some historical landmarks. This goes to show that our attractions are more than visiting sights for tourists. I was honored to be a Philadelphian.

Out of the patriotism in his heart, this Fashionisto sported a red, white and blue Urban Outfitters tank on his way to Ben Franklin’s house—one of the men who help to build this country. His basic cotton red striped tank went extremely well with his Levi homemade jorts. Although a bit sweaty for this 90 degree weather, his classy desert boots went very well with the theme of this urban/early American style combination.

Philadelphia is full of great historical sites; but there’s no better site than a Philly Fashionisto!

Hint: Looking the part when going site-seeing or on any other excursion can help you remember what you did that day when flipping through old photos. With this attire, also for extreme weather, (flip flops/sandals) would definitely suffice.

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