LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Bartending Buoyancy

This smart-dressed Fashionisto was found bartending at a local patio restaurant. His all-black monochromatic outfit is clean and sophisticated, while still looking young and sporty. It’s clear that he enjoys adding small details to his outfits, but humbles himself by keeping them low key, and matches them to what he’s wearing.

While many Fashionistas and Fashionistos who wear nothing but black can look very washed out and pale due to the extreme contrast from the clothing to skin tone, this Fashionisto’s clothing allows him to look suave and if anything, brings out his summer tan. The Fashionisto made a very smart decision to pair a clean black polo shirt with dark gray dress pants, dulling down the harsh shades.

On one arm, the Fashionisto wears a statement Armani Exchange leather-strapped watch, making him look professional and ready to work, while matching with his square-toe leather dress shoes. On the Fashionisto’s other arm, he wears a small string bracelet with wooden beads, showing off his casual side.

This outfit could easily be switched up to be more day-time casual or a night on the town, dressy look. For a night out with the boys, or a date night simply just add a sports jacket to the outfit, and you’re set! To keep the style similar, but slightly more casual, switch out the pants for a pair of dressy shorts and change the shoes to a pair of driving moccasins.

This outfit is perfect for Fashionistos who are looking to dress to impress. While it is smart and classy, it is also very versatile to change from day to night. It is great for anyone who is looking for a basic outfit with simple and clean details.

Hint: Like this Fashionisto, be smart when wearing all black. Allow yourself some leeway by adding some dark grays and charcoal shades. Not only will it soften up your outfit, but it will overall be much more flattering to most skin tones.


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