LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Baseball Tees with a Summer Breeze

Cool down this summer by wearing a baseball tee! The best part is you don’t have to know how to play the sport to wear the shirt. Baseball tees are popular among casual fashion for men. Zumiez and PacSun, two clothing stores dedicated to skate and sporty apparel, are popular picks when searching for baseball tees. These styled shirts come in various colors and designs so it is easy to coordinate them into an everyday casual outfit. I caught this Fashionisto guilty of styling his baseball tees with printed cargo shorts. Pairing his shirt with a plain pair of cargos would have been stylish and safe, but luckily he chose to opt out of that safe style and take a chance with leaf printed cargo shorts. Chance well taken!

This Fashionisto is wearing an on the byas stadium lights tee in red and gray from PacSun. He pairs his shirt with a minimally visible silver chain around his neck. His cargo shorts from Old Navy are printed with beige palm leaves and a dash of purple accent and worn with a white belt. This Fashionisto chose a pair of Nike Air Jordan 7 Raptors as his shoes for the day. The Raptors are black with a zig zag pattern of red and purple at the base of the shoe. An outfit is nothing without accessories, right? This Fashionisto is wearing a flashy gold GUESS watch. Separately, the pieces he is wearing are unique but together they make an appealing ensemble.

Hint: The great part about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that each piece can be customized with any color or print the Fashionisto prefers. If you would like the shirt to match more with the color of the pants, try this baseball tee with olive and cream colors. A nice pair of boat shoes is a great substitute for the basketball sneaker this Fashionisto is wearing.

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