LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Biker’s Paradise

While the world of fashion may be claimed to be the antithesis of all things practical, personal style will always be synonymous with functionality for those who love the simple act of dressing themselves. Those with a passion for activities outside of clothing adapt their wardrobe to better suit their interests. Such is the case with this gentleman from Saint Paul.

Being an avid cyclist, this Fashionisto embodies the concept of function over form since his priorities revolve around personal safety. While bikers can still adhere to current trends, there are natural limitations with their safety priorities. This particular Fashionisto kept it simple and classic, allowing for his outfit to better serve his needs as a cyclist.

A T-shirt, jeans and Vans are all building blocks for the casual cyclist or skateboarder. Out of those three, I would like to look at the jeans. They are Levi’s Vintage Clothing selvedge denim with a tapered fit. Selvedge denim is a great option for skaters and cyclists because of its reliable durability. If pants are to be worn when biking, make sure that they are slim-fit or at least tapered to avoid the chance of them getting snagged on the gears of your crankset. This Fashionisto has taken the added step of applying a reflective material on the outer seam in order to improve his night-time visibility as a vehicle on the road.

Moving on to his accessories, he is carrying a Chrome bag with a stabilizing strap to maximize comfort and utility while riding. These bags are tremendously popular among bikers and are great because they are spacious enough to provide for all of your basic necessities, including a laptop, textbooks and notebooks, water bottle, etc. Chrome bags are also practical thanks to the reflective material on the frontside and the fact that they are extremely durable and weatherproof, making biking in adverse conditions a breeze for your belongings.

My favorite accessory is the Fabric Horse U-Lock Holster found on his leather belt. It is made out of recycled car seat belts and makes transporting a heavy U-lock as easy as possible. The biggest benefits of these handy additives to your biking outfit is the fact that your U-lock will no longer wear down your back pocket, take up space in your bag, or come in the way of your legs while being held on your bike. Let us all revel in the irony of reducing carbon emissions by biking while using parts of old cars in order to aid in the sport. This is perfection.

Hint: Don’t think of buying for practical reasons as a sacrifice in style, think of practicality as being the hottest style. Don’t worry so much about trends when buying clothing to wear during some of your favorite pastimes, especially when it comes to more sporty activities like running, skateboarding, cycling, etc. You do not want your clothing to come in between you and your passion. With that in mind, always, always, always wear a helmet. Find one that works for you and rock it every time you ride. I suggest keeping it simple so that you do not grow out of the style.

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