Often times, a ‘smart casual’ look can come at the expense of one’s comfort and cool factor in the summer months. However, it is possible to both avoid the heat and look dapper all at once. Draped in shades of blue, this Fashionisto was spotted on campus walking in the wrong direction but wearing just the right outfit.

A navy statement blazer is a must-have for every summer season. Its versatility and style can help any bloke avoid a heat stroke and still look style savvy. The deep blue linen texture keeps this Fashionisto both cool and trendy. Paired with a crisp white button-down, this somewhat safe match adds the perfect amount of fresh to a timeless summer piece.

Seeing as this is my novel post featuring shorts, it’s only natural that they were styled in a somewhat semi-formal way. These baby-blue standard chinos perfectly complement the dark blue blazer and bring together this preppy outfit.

A pair of classic Sperry Top-Siders and a leather belt also adds to this Fashionisto’s ensemble. However, I believe his quirky tan backpack makes this sport-chic look practical and perfect for any summer student. A canvas knapsack may seem like it can only be worn with neutral hues of brown but this ensemble proves just the opposite. While it can be a risk, I believe this Fashionisto made a worthy investment.

This look is perfect for a country club soirée, brunch with the parents or mid-day classes. Not only is it versatile and heat-stroke safe, but also it is incredibly sharp and fresh for summer.

Hint: Look for the perfect pair of Bermudas if these chinos are too short for your liking!


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