Even though it is already the end of May, there are still some hard working students staying at the Purdue University Campus for their summer classes. However, it sure didn’t feel like summer was approaching these past few weeks at Purdue University with the rain and not so warm weather. Students still had their jackets on while they were outside. Jeans, hoodies, umbrellas and rain boots have been all over campus these days and I was getting bored of them.

However, this Fashionisto’s New Balance blue sneakers definitely caught my eyes while I was walking on campus. Instead of wearing rain boots, his sneakers are a perfect example of taking the summer pieces we can not wait to show, while also keeping warm enough for the not so warm temperatures we have been experiencing. In addition, the sneakers are also the perfect item to easily to clean up, even when they get wet or dirty.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is springtime ready because it is casual yet simple and has a very laid back look to it, which reminds us of spring. He is wearing a dark wash and a basic T-shirt with a logo. Simple T-shirts are perfect for this time of year because they are easy to throw on during any day of the week. This Fashionisto pairs his dark T-shirt with a pair of khaki colored cargo shorts. Like a simple T-shirt, cargo shorts is definitely one of the must-haves for summer since they can be paired with just about anything. He concluded by accenting his jacket and sneakers with a cap that matched them in color scheme: white, blue and red. The little sun image on his cap interestingly speaks out about how he wants the weather to be warm soon.

Hint: With hot summer weather quickly approaching, picking up a pair of awesome flip flops might be what your summer wardrobe needs. If you are getting bored of matching your T-shirt with a simple khaki cargo shorts, try a pair of Hawkings McGill Printed chino shorts in a fun pattern like this one here.

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