If there is one item that can instantly make an outfit even better, it’s a blazer. Blazers have the power to dress an outfit up and make it more fashionable. This goes for both guys and girls, which is another plus.

Today’s Fashionisto shows us how a blazer can make an already great look even better. Without the blazer, the outfit is already headed in the right direction. His plaid shirt has great summer colors and complements his jeans. With his brown loafers, he looks comfortable and classic at the same time.

With the addition of the blazer the outfit is even better. Dress blazers like this are great because they are so versatile. By adding the jacket, he’s ready for a work interview or a date night.

Hint: Invest in a blazer or two! Navy and khaki blazers are closet staples that work with any dress pants. Navy is great for night while khaki works for daytime looks. Just like pants or shoes, the fit is extremely important. When looking for a blazer, concentrate on a few key areas. Make sure that the shoulders aren’t too big or too tight. When looking at the cuff, you want a little bit of the dress shirt to peak out. Lastly, make sure you can button the buttons without there being too little or too much breathing room. Blazers may be a pricier piece but they are well worth the cost and go with almost everything.

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