LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Calm, Cool and Collected

Fashionistos should always be photo ready, no matter if their outfit is extravagant or simple. A cool button-down and denim coordination is a great way to catch the eye of a fashion photographer out on the prowl. This Fashionisto’s effortless and stylish way to dress for summer instantly caught my eye. In some cases, hair can make or break an outfit and this Fashionisto’s modern cut hairstyle keeps his outfit clean and cool. I spotted him waiting outside for his class to begin when I noticed his plaid shirt. Usually I shop at stores other than Abercrombie & Fitch, but his dark blue and white plaid shirt has changed my mind.

For more of a casual look, he rolled the sleeves halfway up his arm to expose skin. This Fashionisto paired his plaid shirt with a pair of faded and slightly destroyed denim jeans from Gap. Deciding to stick with his laid-back look, he kept jewelry, such as a watch or a chain, to a minimum. Now, what better shoe is there to wear than a pair of Chuck Taylors? Converse All-Stars have been kicking it since 1917 as a stylish sneaker for both men and women’s fashion. This Fashionisto chose wisely and kept it clean with a pair of high top white Converse All-Stars.

Hint: Gap has a variety of style of jeans to choose from if light wash or destroyed is not your preference, such as these dark wash jeans. Matching a pair of navy blue pants can add dramatic color if you would like to wear something different than denim jeans. To accessorize without adding jewelry, add a baseball cap for a good balance to the entire look without overdoing it.


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