This week I was exploring one of my favorite places in Richmond, the trendy area of Carytown. The sidewalks were filled with well-dressed guys, but this Fashionisto stood out to me because of the ease with which he pulled off this look. His whole outfit is cool and filled with great details that really make it his own.

This Fashionisto’s look is on point from top to bottom. Starting with the top: the button-down is a staple in any guy’s wardrobe, but the check pattern of this Fashionisto’s sets it apart from the other guys on the street. Sometimes patterns can be overwhelming, but if you keep it to a simple smaller print, like this check, it can be less intimidating and worn with confidence. The color of his shirt also prevents it from looking too winter-y, the cool summer blues and turquoises keep it fresh and translatable to the summer months. In addition, the lightweight fabric of the shirt keeps it cool and breathable.

A good pair of pants are hard to ignore, and this Fashionisto has the skinny khaki look down to a T. It takes some gusto to wear a more tailored pant, but he pulls it off without a hitch. The stone gray color is unique enough to add some interest, but still neutral enough to match just about anything. Make sure that when looking for a skinnier pant, you pay attention to the fit, which is the most crucial part of khakis like these. You don’t want any pulling or bunching anywhere on the pant.

This Fashionisto is all about the details in his look. Underneath his button-down, he wears a white V-neck T-shirt. This may seem like a small and insignificant part of the outfit, but layering always adds interest to an outfit. Not to mention, layering undershirts is an inexpensive way to step up what are normally more basic outfits. One of my favorite parts about this Fashionisto’s outfit is the cuff on his pants. Nothing looks better than a sharp cuff on a pair of khakis or jeans, and it really gives you some style edge, which is always a good thing. Complete with classic Sperry Top-Sider shoes, these details give his outfit a hipster flair that is all his own.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to mix different styles to add an eclectic feel to your look. Fashion is all about taking inspiration from everywhere and making it your own. Just as this Fashionisto paired preppy footwear with a trendy pant, you too can create a look that is unique just by mixing labels, styles, and trends.

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