Whoever said college students were too old for amusement parks is seriously disturbed! Not only did yours truly ride every single roller coaster and play even the most overrated (and impossible) ring toss game, but took the opportunity to capture some fashionable summer style.

This handsome Fashionisto was more than accommodating when I interrupted his direction towards “The Hydra” roller coaster to snap a few shots. I wanted to capture the true essence of summer, fun, “cool-guy,” amusement park/beach attire for this week’s post. It’s probably a cliche of all cliches to take a photo of a Fashionisto in swimming trunks, sandals, a tank, a backwards fitted cap and some Ray-Bans. Some may even deem it slightly boring, but hey, it’s my party and I’ll cliche if I want to! Just kidding.

I thought this Fashionisto was fashionably prepared for a day of fun and funnel cakes! Shockingly, his mixed match attire was purchased entirely at Amazon.com, (the site I believe we college students are all too familiar with.) His blue tank stripped with red lines went well against his colorful Hurley Men’s boardshorts. The fact that this Fashionisto chose to go a more mix-and-match themed, laid back look really made him seem all the more cool. He paired off his style with the new Ray-Bans Wayfarer sunglasses and a classic Phillie’s baseball cap.

While there is already so many bright colors at amusement parks, I must say this Fashionisto brightened my day. His outgoing personality complemented his vibrant ensemble.

Hint: When looking for an outfit to wear to a carnival or even the beach, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and fun. You’re bound to get a little dirty and wet, so wear something you’re okay with getting a little roughed up. When hitting up places like the beach or an amusement park with a water section, it’s a more fashionable choice to wear a pair of trunks that look like every day shorts.

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