LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Cut-offs and Colored Shorts

It has been really hot and humid lately and it’s tough for guys to stay cool in T-shirts. That’s where cut-off tank tops come in handy — what better way to stay cool and look awesome at the same time? This Fashionisto pulls off this look perfectly by pairing a light blue cut-off shirt with colored shorts. The good thing about colored shorts is that it spices up a plain outfit and will make you stand out. No one wants to blend in and this is the perfect way to stand out. It is easy to blend in since fashion is always changing. Colored shorts are a huge hit right now though and should be a part of your wardrobe this summer if you’re interested in standing out a little.

This Fashionisto wears his outfit casual and is dressed completely for summer in his shorts, cut-off shirt, sunglasses, sneakers and backpack. Instead of walking around carrying a ton of bags filled with books and stuff you bought at the store, throw it all in a stylish backpack that will tie the whole outfit together. There is no reason to have a plain backpack either. Mix it up with a patterned backpack that will pop out and blend well with your colored shorts. This Fashionisto even wears sunglasses that give his outfit a pop as he walks through sunny streets.

Hint: Try pairing your colored shorts with a cut-off top or if you want to dress it up, you can pair it with a polo and a pair of boat shoes to go for a more Scott Disick look.

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