DIY! I’m calling all the Fashionisto’s out there and telling them to do-it-themselves! Taking up your own personal clothing project is not only fun, but will add some originality and some new favorite pieces to your wardrobe that you will love. You can cut the sleeves off of your shirts to create muscle T-shirts or you can cut up your jeans and make them shorts. That’s what this week’s Fashionisto did.

Spotted on campus was a Fashionisto rocking a pair of shorts he cut himself. The shorts have become a very versatile piece for him, and has allowed him to showcase a lot of different outfits while staying cool on campus for the summer. On this particular day he wore a favorite his red and black Michael Jordan sneakers.  Then he added a pair of red and black polka-dot socks that added some originality to his outfit (crazy socks are awesome). Finally, he threw on an army fatigue tank top, which you can never go wrong with. The finishing touch included his shiny gold watch.

Hint: Do-it-yourself projects are an amazing way to create things exactly the way you want them. You have total control. Take an old pair of jeans you no longer like and get to cutting and making them brand new. This allows you to create rips, the perfect length, and save money! There are plenty of tutorials you can watch to show you how to make your own original pair of shorts, such as this one here. Good luck, fellas!


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