LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Down By The Sea(foam)

As much as we wish that every summer day would perfectly hot and sunny, we always end up having a few of those June Gloom days. When the wind picks up in the city and the sun hides behind that layer of clouds, one must find their summer feeling through their look that exudes their vacation spirit. It can be difficult to find the appropriate seasonal outfit when it is a little chilly, but a pop of color will provide just the trick to brighten up one’s day!

I spotted this Fashionisto channeling his weather appropriate summer look in the streets of Helsinki sporting bright blue chinos, sea foam-green boat shoes, a pair of framed glasses, a brown leather satchel and gingham shirt. With bright colors mastering the bottom half of his outfit, his simpler shirt and brown satchel helped tone down his look. Since sailing in the Archipelago is common amongst all Finns, his boat shoes just how popular the activity is here in the seaside capitol. The sea foam-colored suede boat shoes are my favorite piece of his compilation because they give a modern twist on the classic boat shoe. Bright colors, in particular greens and blues, are also the perfect way to bring more color into a look without feeling like the colors are in any way feminine. Even though this Fashionisto wore long pants and a long-sleeved look mid-June, his overall look has a fun vibe that we all look for in our chillier summer wardrobe.

 Hint: To create a similar look to this one, try chino pants paired with a bold shoe.

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