LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Dress Decoding 101

Dressing for the occasion is something that is important, yet most of us seem to have trouble with it. It’s hard to figure it out when there are these unspoken dress code rules that apply. I’m not solely referring to the general dress code rules for formal, semi-formal, business professional, etc., but the dress code rules that apply for everyday occasions. Every occasion is a different environment that requires different dress attire. You wouldn’t wear what you wear to your soccer practice to your internship. Dressing to hang out with the boys is something completely different from dressing to meet your girlfriend’s parents. Dress codes are everywhere and as a Fashionisto you may find it difficult dressing for that occasion while still keeping it trendy.

Today’s dress code rules are for a guy’s laid back look. A typical guy’s go-to outfit is the classic laid back ensemble. This is mostly because — well, let’s face it you’re a man and it’s just easier for y’all. The great thing about being a man is you can just throw on a tee and a pair of jeans in the dark and find a way to make it work. Plus there’s something manly about putting little effort into yourself while still appearing put together. So it makes sense why this is a man’s go-to choice of outfit. But as a Fashionisto you may struggle with this because you don’t want to come off as a slob. So how do you avoid this and dress laid back casual while still keeping it trendy?

This Fashionisto follows the perfect guidelines for dressing laid back. A color-blocked tee is a great way to stay on trend and keep it simple. Color-blocking has been a recent trend and this Fashionisto uses it wisely by pairing it with a pair of casual denim shorts. But these aren’t just any old denim shorts. The Fashionisto rolls up the fitted denim shorts, which makes this ensemble trendy with these few elements yet still laid back (because in reality it’s just a tee and jeans). The Fashionisto sports a pair of green Saint Laurent high-top sneakers — kudos to him for rocking high-tops with denim shorts and killer brown shades. The Fashionisto finishes his ensemble with a tan leather messenger bag and a Starbucks iced tea in hand ready to take on his classes.

Hint: When dressing laid back, make sure you don’t just stop at one element, but work it through the whole outfit. This Fashionisto keeps it trendy from his tee all the way down to his shoes. Use basic items (like a tee or jeans) with trendy elements to them in order to accomplish a fashion-forward, laid back look.

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