It’s four o’clock, it’s been raining every single day for the past week and I’m getting a serious case of cabin fever. As I peer out of the window like a puppy who hasn’t felt the grass under his paws for a whole 24 hours, my window of opportunity reveals itself. The pitter-patter of rain has slowed to a faint mist and I’ve noticed the sun peaking her brilliant face through a crack in the clouds. I throw on my self-proclaimed rain boots (a pair of worn out floral Dr. Martens) and hit the pavement, DSLR in hand.

This Fashionisto appeared as a ray of sunshine among a sea of puddles. It seems as though I wasn’t the only one vying for a breath of fresh air and the sweet scent of petrichor. In an outfit that boasts the perfect mixture of comfort and style, this stud works his head to toe so well that even Tyra Banks would be proud.

If there’s one current trend I could claim advocacy for more than the rest, it would have to be the onset of socks that rock. Notice how this Fashionisto cleverly geared up for the weather conditions in a pair of navy anchor socks. After all, you can never be too prepared. Check out this WWD article that touched on the much loved trend. What goes better with a pair of funky chaussettes then some fancy footwork? This slice of heaven says he has over 15 pairs of camera worthy kicks that would put my Dr. Martens to shame. A rainy afternoon like this one called for a sleek pair of Cole Haan quilted high-top sneakers, naturally.

Hint: I applaude this Fashionisto for his cohesive style and ability to rock more than one trend at the same time (holla, five panel hat.) Take a page from his book and spice up an outfit from the ankles up. Happy Socks make some pretty snazzy socks that would go perfectly with a pair of Supra high-tops. Top it all off with this five panel from EntreeLS.

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