Mixing many bright colors may be the monster trend for summer 2013, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and focus on a smaller, but no less significant part of your outfit. This Fashionisto did just that by creating a stylish outfit all around his fancy kicks. Take a note from this Fashionisto and let your shoes do the talking this summer.

I spotted this Fashionisto on his way to work while I was shopping at Richmond’s favorite outdoor mall, Short Pump. He stood out to me because of his unique styling that gave him a more mature, dressy look. By keeping the rest of his outfit classic, this Fashionisto allows these snazzy shoes to be the centerpiece. Starting with a button-down, he cuffs his sleeves to show off his silver link watch. Watches like these are great for a more formal outfit and they can be a great investment piece for your future outfits.

His charcoal gray pants are a perfect complement to his striped oxford, just neutral enough to mix with nearly any shirt, but also just different enough to make more of a statement than the typical khaki pant. This Fashionisto chose a great staple piece to thread through his belt loops, the cotton D-ring belt. The look of it is so timeless, and it adds flair to any outfit, especially with the leather details, it lends the perfect mix of casual and dressy.

But my favorite things about this Fashionisto’s ensemble are his shoes! These two-toned wing tip bucks are so unique, I instantly noticed them when I saw him. They are cool and definitely stylish, but their understated color makes them wearable and versatile. You don’t see shoes like this every day, and being a Fashionisto is all about pulling off the unexpected. This Fashionisto knows that sometimes, you can let your shoes outshine your clothes.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to try some fancy footwear! Even if the style of them is daring, if you keep the colors classic and somewhat neutral, not only will you have the courage to wear them, but you will be able to wear them again and again since they can match much of your wardrobe. Small shoes, big attitude.

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